a ____ should be formatted so that the records are easily distinguished.,

In this article, we will discuss the formatting of a database so that it is easier to read and more convenient. The best way to format a database is by separating records with commas. This makes them easily distinguished from one another. Then.). etc.;2009-01- 01: posted date; Smith John: name.,g. e; before asas comm of insteadonsicol sem by those separate then line single a on information of types two than more are there If. receiveddate/ address email oraddress/ name like it within contained data of form or field each for labels contain should column first The). sectionsbed tab ratheror ( rows and columns in fields your organize must you, all of First. that just do to how discuss will we, article this In. distinguished easily are records the that so formatted be should__ This ., another one from distinguished easily them makes This.as comm with records separating by is database a format to way bestThe be then canings head These. article your for specifically artwork createdor/ and you by interviewed were they not or whether, example for; database particular that within purpose its defines half second the while tootains per it what usually is heading a of part first The. site your on found not artists other with up mixed being to opposed as section”istsArt ” the under go would this, post blog your on mentioned is that artist an referencing are you if, example For. under falls one each category which determine help to order in, parts two of consisting heading a have must record Each- . reader the for easier it makes also and them between distinguish helps This. records separate to used be shouldas Comm- :Tips ),link ( __/,database-a-tingformat-post-blog/com_. __ __ . knowledge computer general of aspects other or databases formatting about more learn to want you if resources great some are These: Resources ReadingedSuggest ! formats data about ones even – topics computing on books reading likes also He. others of that and benefit own his for, adult an as today knowledge this using continues and school high in was he since databases various use to how known has Smith Jack: Author theAbout . another one from distinguished easily them makes This.as comm with records separating by is database a format to way best The: LearnedonLess bdcc51700883867ce11812fb46280f87ef565ac91bfef21179830cd254285fc43227db54ba65080ca18ee83af00ad81dd11cfeb99fe07ae9057354877bbee2660c73d06def075a0newbgpagefrontth28unej2018photocoverpx768x1024ologortresscapeondapiorg gejpg.002 image: #02Image gif.ilech20%in20%fallwater/files_ picjpg.001_ image: #01Image png.header/ logojpg.image- header: ImageHeader :Images

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